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The idea of a natural cork grease… Where does it come from? As you might have guessed in the workshop you use a lot of different lubricants, e.g. grease. I use it always during working on and performing maintenance of the instrument, e.g. after cleaning corks – then, I know that a customer will have no problems with establishing an instrument before trying it after repair. Generally, I use it in all works associated with the use of cork because using grease is the best way to protect against damage. Other lubricants available on the market do not exactly meet my expectations… I wanted something natural … Cork is a natural material, extracted from the bark of the cork oak, so I asked myself why do not use something that would affect well on its properties and longevity? In the end, after searching for a long time, analyzing articles, experimenting with different things and spending long hours with searching for relevant natural ingredients and achieving a satisfactory consistency, I was able to get the desired effect. I hope that you will decide to use my product. I wish you satisfaction of using that grease 🙂 you can buy it directly from me. Should you have any other questions, feel free to ask. (https://www.facebook.com/clarinetka.ms/)